Process Analysis of Computer Firm

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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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Process analysis is a system which is about a logical series of related transactions that converts input to results or output. The process we are considering is a business process, which can be defined as a chain of logical connected, repetitive activities that utilizes the organization's resources to refine an object for the purpose of achieving specified and measurable results or products for internal or external customers. Process analysis offers improvement opportunities and it helps to managers to improve the performance of their business activities. The objective of my project is to examine the computer manufacturer system and handle the subject with its process analysis. However, I touched on the environmental influences of computer’s manufacturer system. I want to explain process analysis of computer manufacturer. System’s inputs, outputs and customers are as follows: System’s Inputs: Inputs cause an entity to change what it is doing and they affect outputs. You cannot manipulate it directly. In this context, computer’s inputs are:

System| Primary Inputs (Transformed)| Components (Transforming)| Computer Manufacturer| Metal, Plastic and Capital| Workers, Engineer, Machine, Technology, Design|

Computer firms use plastic and metal for computers equipment. It is the most important material for equipment. If it will be third class, you cannot get a solid computer. In this case, computers give up the ghost very quickly. Firms set up with a certain capital. Computer technology needs a large capital. Because technology is developing day by day and to follow its very difficult and costly. Therefore, a firm which rely on own capital, will be pioneer to making a computer. To make a computer, firms need worker and engineer. They transform metal and plastic with machine. They control the system and check everything. Their attention is more important for security. Technology and design is very important for production...
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