Strategic Information Systems Analysis

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Strategic Information Systems Analysis

Organisations are Systems of Interdependent human Beings (definition)

General System Theory (GST)

1. Have Goal

2. Sub-system

3. Environment

4. Synergy 2+2 = 5

5. Boundary

All systems have sub-systems and the function of the sub-system is to help the system achive its goal; eg Human Body is a system which has many sub-system such as respiratory system; digestive systems.

Systems work within an environment. The environment has an impact on the systems and systems have an impact on the environment. Every system has a boundary.

All systems have a number of input, processes and output. For example we take in oxygen and it has a number of process in the body and the output is carbon dioxide.

Synergy is the combination of two or more system. Based on the combination, the result may be positive or negative.

UK border Agency as a system (Example)


To regulate the flow of people gaining access to the country inbound and outbound.


Europen Union, International Students, Financial

Today organisations are working in an environment which is:

1. Turbulent

2. Dynamic

3. Uncertain

4. Customer driven

5. Technology dominated


Management helps organisation to achieve its goal.

1. Strategic (how to achieve a goal)

2. Objective (short term target that helps to acheive goal)

3. Plan

4. Goal

Organisation has goals. Management see how goals are achieve. Goals can be achieved in many ways. How goals is achieve is strategy.



1. launch a new service(tesco bank, insurance)/ decide on new products or service

2. geographical expansion

3. merges/ acquisition

4. decision on organisation structure

5. investment plans

6. formulating high level policy for the whole organisation


1. Developing the structure for new investment

2. Marketing

3. Setting up sales, marketing production target

4. Training programs

5. Deciding on supplier, logistics

6. Acting as an interface between the strategic and operational management


1. Employee management of the operation management team

2. Ordering supplies/ stock control

3. Implemention of policy from the tactical manager

4. Customer care

5. New recruitment

6. Meeting sales production target set by the tactical manager

7. Maintenance of machinery

Effectiveness = doing the right thing

Efficiency = doing the thing right

Strategic management is concerned with effectiveness

Operational management is concerned with efficiency

Information Systems

Data are randoms symbols like characters, numbers and images which have no meaning on thier own.

Data when processed to a meaningful form gives information.

When processed manually it is called manual paper based system and when processed electronically it is called CBIS (Computer Based Information Systems).

Information is an essential resource for decision making.

When managers are provided with quality information, they can make right decision and thereby help organisations to achieve their goals.


1. Number of people who used the atm machine

2. Total amount of money withdrawn

3. Number of receipt printed

4. Number of people who checked their account

5. The time when the atm machine was mostly used

6. Type of cards used

Decision that can be made

change the card type that the bank use (use one which intly used most frequently used the customer)

increase or decrease atm machine


Identify an organisation

1. Retailingeg asda, tesco

2. Garments

3. Banking

4. Insurance

5. Telecommunications/mobile

6. Automobile

7. Real state

8. Airline

Choose an organisation and write 1 or 2...
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