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Procrastination is a serious problem for college students. How can it be resolved?

Procrastination is one of college students’ major problems. Procrastination is an act in which students ignore the amount of time available to them to do their assignments. Either socializing or doing their own thing, thinking there is enough time still which eventually drags them into the due date of the assignment. Now they are rushing the final submission which is just a draft just the night before and most times the morning.

College students for whom procrastination is a serious problem can have this resolv3ed by organizing a to-do list or setting reminders on their phones, most efficiently setting goals for themselves and having their own time-table or schedule.

If students keep themselves up to date with their to-do list they will accomplish their tasks faster especially by organizing them in other of priority. Most important to top and ….. to the bottom. After the completion of each task the student would simply strike it off. This will help the student keep track of his/her work. When all the items on the list have been cleared out you are now free for the moment.

Another way students could solve problems of procrastination is by setting reminders on their phones. With reminders set on their phone they won’t go wrong at all. Instead of having your Blackberry for BBM only make use of it by setting reminder or storing information. What makes it best is that for college students their phone is their life and won’t go anywhere without it. If they place these reminders it will definitely be going off to indicate to them of their tasks.

Last but not least setting goals for themselves; as a student it is a must to have your goals set. With goals set and a given time frame to have it completed if it is within a week or at the end of the day. In this way much will be achieved knowing that they have gotten somewhere.

Lastly setting...
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