Problems with John

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Decision making software Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: September 28, 2008
1.Consider each of the above options. Develop an argument to defend your position for each option. The five possible courses of action developed all offer positives and negative effects for John as well as the company. John’s work productivity and personal moral have been on a steady decline as the years pass. As the team leader, and a friend of John’s, there is a hard decision to be made in order to fix the problem at hand.

Option one, Do Nothing, surprisingly was a common rout of action when asking fellow team members their opinion on how to solve this dilemma. The text explains that doing nothing and simply pretending this problem does not exist would be the easiest course for the team leader to take, due to the fact that John would be the only one in need of compromising. Doing so is the, “equivalent of burying your head in the sand hoping the problem would go away by itself” (Pinto 141). The cons tremendously outweigh the pros in this instance. John has been an employee for roughly 15 years and this situation has been a reoccurring one. The additional stress of purchasing a new house has also added to the job related stressors John faces in his position. Because John is unable to successfully obtain his college degree, based on his previous failed attempts, his co-workers and friends will continue to climb the corporate ladder in the company while John struggles to stay afloat. It specifically stated in the text that, “The leader must attempt to satisfy the individual’s needs, the group’s needs and the task needs. When John’s individual needs could not be met, the group atmosphere and task completion suffered” (Pinto 141). Doing nothing is an ill advised alternative to addressing this problem.

Option two is a tricky one. This option explains an attempt to bypass the company policy and promote John once again. The results of this alternative have already been determined and could be used as precedent in the decision making process. “John was recently...
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