Problems Faced by Coir Industry Indis

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  • Published: January 21, 2013
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1.1 Introduction To Coir Industry

The Coir Industry has been significantly Export-Oriented and a valuable foreign exchange earner. On an average about 20 per cent of the total Coir products manufactured are exported from the country, mainly to West European countries, United States of America (USA) and Canada. The products include fiber, yarn, mats, matting, rugs and carpets, rope and rubberized coir. Unfortunately, the exports in the recent past show a declining trend. Increased competition from other countries use of substitutes traditional methods of production delay in executing orders are some of the major reasons mentioned for reduced exports. Because of this, the manufacturers have started to pay more attention to the internal market that was not fully exploited earlier. Efforts have been stepped up to popularize Coir products in India by various organizations both in Public and Private sectors and to penetrate to huge market that exists for floor covering and other applications. In the meantime, Coconut cultivation also got spread over in many regions other than the traditional areas like Tamil Nadu, in a significant way. Prominent among the states other than Tamil Nadu, which have promoted coir industry, are Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa.

The Coir Industry in Tamil Nadu presently provides direct employment to about 3.60 lakhs persons including those who are employed for part of the year. It is a fact that a good percentage of this is women engaged in the Spinning of Coir. The indirect employment is also very significant. The potential of this industry for up gradation and expansion is high and if taken advantage of this will have a significant impact on the coastal economy of the State. Recognizing this fact the Government introduced a number of regulations for sustaining the industry including those intended to improve the availability of husk for the industry at reasonable cost.

It is imperative that the...
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