Problems Existing in the Philippine Educational System

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  • Published : September 19, 2012
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Mark Raymond C. Ferrer
Section B
The Problems Existing in the Philippine Educational System
For many years, the Philippine educational system has been facing many problems. These problems are due to the population explosion and globalization. Another thing is gap existing between the private and the public school systems. In addition, the students in the Philippines cannot be considered competent due to different matters, such as, the errors in the textbooks given to the students in the public school system.

Moreover, the bombardment of things to the students and the abuse of students and authority by the teachers have been in existence. Another thing is the recent statement of the Department of Science and Technology Undersecretary Graciano Yumul Jr. that students in the Philippines cannot pass the global standards of education. Therefore, there is a need for the reform of the entire educational system in the Philippines especially in the public school system.

It is true that the Department of Education has been proactive to improve the quality of education especially in the public school system. The department has been giving scholarships to teachers who wish to pursue graduate studies and trainings to enhance the quality of teachers in the public school like the in-service training of mathematics teachers.

Moreover, the department is having ties with the different universities, like the University of the Philippines and Ateneo de Manila University, to train the teachers for the new curriculum and system.

Aside from that, the internet and computer access are given to schools for faster researches and access to information by the students. This is due to the IT revolution of the 21st century and the generation of our students today.

In addition, the government is giving more benefits to teachers such as allowances and incentives. They sometimes give bonuses for the outstanding teachers of the different divisions of the country

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