Problems and the Structure of the Play Shaws Pygmalion

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Problems and the structure of the play Shaws Pygmalion

All the pieces show corresponds to an important claim brought Brecht contemporary theater, namely: the theater should strive "to depict the nature man as modifiable and depends on the class
Amenities "[1].
far as Shaw was interested in us the character and social status, particularly evidenced by the fact that a radical restructuring of the character he made even the main theme of the play "Pygmalion". After the exceptional success play and made it to the musical "My Fair Lady" story of Eliza was converted by Higgins Professor of Phonetics of street girls in fashionable lady, today, perhaps better known than the Greek myth.

Pygmalion was a fabulous king of Cyprus, fell in love with the mess it created statue of a girl, which subsequently married after the revitalization of

Aphrodite at his urgent request. Clearly the intent
which pursued Shaw, calling the name of a mythical king of the play. Name

Pygmalion should recall that Eliza Doolittle was created by Alfred

Higgins in the same manner as Galatea Pygmalion. Man created man-this is the lesson that, by his own admission Shaw, "intensively consciously didactic "play. This is the same lesson, which called

Brecht, demanding that "the construction of one shape was carried out according to construction of another figure, because in life we are forming mutually friend another "[2].
Among literary critics, there is a perception that the play Shaw, more than play of other playwrights, promote certain political ideas.

The doctrine of the mutability of human nature, and depending on the class Gear is nothing, as the doctrine of social
determinism of the individual. The play "Pygmalion" is a good handbook, which addresses the problem of determinism. Even the author himself considered it "an outstanding didactic play?.
main problem, which show skillfully addresses in "Pygmalion" was the issue

"Whether the person alter the substance?.
This provision in the play is specified that the girl from the East End

London with all the character traits of a street child, becomes a woman with character traits of ladies of high society
To show how you can radically change a person, Shaw chose the transition from one extreme to another. If such a radical change in human possible in a relatively short time, the viewer must tell ourselves that if possible, and any other change in human beings.

second important question of the play - how it affects the human life.
What gives a person the correct pronunciation? Is it enough to learn how to say, to change the social situation?
Here's what he thinks on this subject, Professor Higgins:
?But if you knew how interesting - take the man and by teaching him to speak otherwise than he spoke, so far, making it a very another, a new creature. After all, it means - to destroy the gap, which separates class from class and soul from the soul "[3].

as shown and repeatedly emphasizes in the play, dialect
East London is incompatible with being a lady, as well as the language lady can fit in with the essence of a simple flower girl from the eastern district

London. When Eliza had forgotten the language of his old world, for it was closed there traversals. Thus break with the past was final. Eliza herself in During the play is well aware of this. That's what she tells

?Last night, when I roamed the streets, a girl spoke
with me, I wanted her to answer as before, but I did not work "[4]. Bernard Shaw paid much attention to the problems of language. The play was a serious task: Shaw wanted to attract attention of the British public to the issues of phonetics.

He advocated the creation of a new alphabet, which is more
would correspond to the sounds of the English language than the existing, and which would facilitate the task of learning the language to children and foreigners. to this problem Shaw repeatedly returned throughout his life, and...
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