Problem and Review of Related Literature

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Problem and Review of Related Literature

I.Personal Hygiene
Personal Hygiene is simply the application of principles for maintaining health and personal cleanliness (Placio, 2003) or it means good health habits including bathing, washing hair, wearing clean clothing, and frequent hand washing. Poor personal habits are serious hazards in food establishments. The restaurant management team is responsible for the health and safety of our employees and customers. They must insure that restrooms and hand washing areas are completely stocked with hot and cold running water, hand soap and single-use paper towels or hand dryers. They should also provide gloves for employees handling food products or cleaning chemicals (Popeyes Food Safety Certification Program, 2007) Managers should also be prepared to react if an employee comes to work sick, with a sore or injury. If the employee’s condition is contagious and may contaminate food or other employees, the employee should not work that day. If an employee has a cut, wash the area, bandage it and require that they use gloves. Manager’s must have the necessary bandages available and switch those employees away from food handling tasks. (Popeyes Food Safety Certification Program, 2007) Good Personal Hygiene will help to minimize the risks of contaminating food and is the legal responsibility of every food handler. It is important that food handlers are generally clean and tidy, war appropriate protective clothing and avoid wearing heavy make-up, nail varnish, hair ornaments and jewelry which could harbor micro-organisms or fall off and contaminate food. (Blanch, 2003) Good Personal Hygiene is essential for those who handle foods. Desirable behaviors include: (McSwane, Rue & Linton, 2005). A.Knowing how and when to properly wash hands.

B.Wearing proper work attire
C.Maintaining good health and reporting when sick to avoid spreading possible infections. Practicing good health habits (personal hygiene) is the first step in staying healthy. (National Assessment Institute, 1994)

Every Employee must Practice good basic hygiene: (Arduser& Brown, 2005) •Short hair and/or hair contained in a net.
Clean shaven or facial contained in a net.
Clean clothes/uniforms.
Clean hands and short nails.
No unnecessary jewelry.
A daily shower or bath.
No smoking in or near the kitchen.
Hand washing prior to work, periodically, and after handling any foreign object: head, face, ears, money, food, boxes or trash. (Arduser& Brown, 2005) A.Hand washing
All of us carry disease-causing bacteria in our bodies. These bacteria can be carried to food. By staying healthy and keeping clean, you can help prevent an outbreak of food-borne illness. The most important hygienic measure in the kitchen is frequent hand washing. Germs pass from hand to hand. Clean hands and trimmed fingernails reduce the risk of contamination. (Subida, 2007) Safe food preparation begins with clean hands. Hands that carry of harmful bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms may pass the contamination on to nay surface or food when touched. Proper and frequent hand washing by employees is one of the most important food safety steps. Hands can become contaminated in a variety of ways. The failure to wash contaminated hands is one of the leading contributors to the outbreaks of food borne illness. As a result, all managers and employees must wash their hands. (Popeyes Food Safety Certification Program, 2007) oIt is the most important part of personnel hygiene. It may seem like an obvious thing to do. Even so, many food handlers do not wash their hands the right way or a often as they should. You must train your food handlers to wash thir hands and then you must monitor them. To wash hands the right way follow the steps, the whole process should take about 20 seconds (National Restaurant Association, 2008). First is wet hands and arms, use running water as hot as you can comfortably stand. It should be at least...
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