Pro Audio Sales Agent Program

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Pro Audio Sales Agent Program

1. Major Facts / Major Problems:
- The program is an administrative nightmare at retail level - Retailers have problems in delivering the product
-many dealers were spending time training customers and later losing them to other dealers. -there were errant sales agents working against the retail price -the product image of PSX-360 was on the verge of damage because of the new plan. 2. Possible Solutions:

Solution A: Control the retail price of electronic, and sound processing equipment through public awareness programs Pricing is a relevant issue in procurement at all levels. Individuals purchasing the commodities of an organization should receive clarity on pricing. There is confusion in this organization because dealers are giving different prices for the equipment. This makes customers shop around for the lowest price and buy from such a dealer. Ensuring the same retail price for all dealers will ensure a level playing ground for all the dealers. This means that customers will buy from any dealer in the market. This will help in streamlining the market and reducing the problems faced currently. Solution B: Canceling agreements with errant sales agents

The reason for the state the organization is facing might be the issue of errant sales agents. These rights should be cancelled to ensure that all dealers have a say in the market. This will stop dealers who take local markets from far, leaving local dealers with no market. This will ensure that sales increase in the market without having to sideline other dealers. 3. Possible Solutions:

Advantage A:
Controlling the retail price ensures that dealers get a level playing field. Furthermore, dealers will not lose customers after training them. This is because the retail price is the same at all levels. The problem of persistent discounting of products will be solved with a common price. Complaints on the loss of sale by other dealers will be an issue of the...
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