Private and Publie Job

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There are always different points of view between the needs of clients for public and for private sectors. There are 4 major factors affecting the choice of different procurement and contractual arrangement in both the public and private sectors. They are “Prestige”, “Profitability”, “Expectation” and “Quality”. The factor will be different in every case or project with different humanity, person, company… Prestige is very important especial for those project by public sector. It could be one of the factors that would affect a company for many years. For an example, many of the government projects is over budget as they thought before, that was not because they had a poor management and arrangement, it was because they will always try to do the best as they can to afford others people negative command. Therefore, change and change happened during the civil work or building time but still need to be finished on time. In this case, the public sectors had to invest more and more money into the project and try to maintain the quality of wok, finishing time on the project and the expectation for public. However it is not usually happened in the private sectors side, because for most of them the major factor affecting them is “Profitability” Profitability is the other major factor, without it no one will get in to the business. Most of the clients on private sectors side will put this factor on the top of their project. Sometime they will decrease the building time for the project. They want to finish it faster mostly because of two issues. First it could save money in their pocket and also they will have more people go for another project. In the positive side it is mean that they can use less time and limited people or workers and less money to work on the projects in hand. Second is the market. In an open market like Hong Kong that we are living right now, the unit price is different in every day. Every single developer want to sell it in a higher price to gain as...
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