Privacy Rights

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  • Published : June 26, 2013
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The democratic system would not have existed without privacy. The most important thing in a person is privacy. The only exception to privacy rights that are created are by the need for defense and security. The United States first found privacy as a fundamental value. Today there are automobiles that can be fatal if not controlled. Two examples of this are speed limits and licenses. Privacy is only violated when people feel they are being violated.

For example, people living in houses or apartments have next door neighbors. People can peep through the windows and see what their neighbors are doing if legible (e.g. their blinds or window being open). But respecting privacy is different, as long as neither parties feels seen. If people feel comfortable in their surroundings, then privacy should not be a concern. In contrast, people feel violated when they are being randomly searched, which is what is considered wrong by people. People even feel intruded when they are requested to see their driver’s license when writing checks.

As technology changes, privacy rights will forever change in America. The increase in cell phone usage has been a factor in the way people communicate. But nowadays, cell phones have equipped in them internet and television. I have realized a trend: as privacy increases, people communicate less in person. People can spend an entire day in the car and have complete communication with others.

Privacy in the workplace is also becoming a problem. Monitoring systems are being visible on employees more now than ever before and more companies are developing security. In addition, employees do not know/realize how monitoring systems happen in their workplace. Monitoring systems can help identify employee theft and/or vandalism. This will ensure the confidence of employees that their coworkers who do not pull their own weight that will be terminated.

For me, most of the time I am at home, school, or at work. Under the privacy situation, I...
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