Importance of Safety

Topics: Security, Air safety, Safety Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Kevin Su
Period 2
English 11 CP
Persuasive Essay
We live in a world that contains millions of people. Safety is far more important than privacy because the protection for your own means a lot. Privacy nowadays is out in the open for others to see. Safety and privacy is a major issue in today's modern world. Being safe should be our number one priority. There are many good reasons why we should take our safety seriously. For one, being safe can keep your family safe. Reasons such as when you're traveling by plane, you should know that you will be safe. Also, just even walking in the streets after curfew. There are obviously other people who may disagree with this topic, however, people have different thoughts. In that case, privacy is more important than safety. The word privacy is the state of being free from intrusions or disturbance in one's private life. The right to privacy is important because it has to do with yourself. You have the right to decided what you want to share with others. Privacy allows you to protect your identity from others. If there were no privacy in the world we live in today, everyone would be scared. Safety is so important that some people will do whatever they can to feel secure.[1] When it comes to safety, most of us will agree to give up some sort of personal freedom in order to be safe. For example, when you are traveling by plane, you are checked for any dangerous items. Although you may feel violated, but it ensures the safety of you and the others boarding the plane. If you remember the event 9/11, you will no that safety back then was only minimal. They were able to pass security while carrying box cutters. They weren't considered as a mass destruction. Safety has changed so much because of that tragic event. The safety for yourself and others is very important because on a daily basis, the lives of many people depend on safety regulations. Aviation safety not only saves lives while people travel through the air but...
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