Prison Term Policy Recommendation Paper

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  • Published : October 15, 2011
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Prison Term Policy Recommendation Paper
University of Phoenix
Criminology/ CJA 323
May 30, 2007

Prison Term Policy Recommendation Paper
The crime of armed robbery is an offense that deserves punishment. Should that crime be subject to double the maximum prison term, or could the offender be rehabilitated? Individuals who purposely commit violent acts of robbery on innocent victims should not only receive double the maximum prison term, but those individuals should be made to compensate their victims by monetary means. If the offender fails to follow the recommended terms after release from prison, life without possibility of parole should be the required sentence. Individuals who commit the crime of armed robbery try to intimidate their victims by means of force or fear. Majority of armed robberies in the United States today are being committed by young offenders. Today’s teenagers are under the impression that if their not wearing the latest Jordan sneakers, talking on the most popular camera phone, or dripping with “bling” their not going to be accepted among their peers, so most teens result to violent crimes such as robbery to achieve those items. Armed robbery whether committed with a weapon or not is considered a serious criminal act of violence. Teenagers who are raised in poverty stricken households where there is a lack of money, food, and clothing for the family tend to be a little resentful of a teen who’s family life is more privileged. Even though the crime of robbery whether it’s being committed by an adult or a teenager is wrong, the end result is the same; someone is being violated by a stranger and taken for their property. The question is should the punishment for the teen be the same as the adult? My recommendation is no, because of the lack of maturity that teenagers possess. Scott, Reppucci, Antonishak, and DeGennaro (2006) found that younger offenders are less psychosocially mature and criminally responsible than...
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