Principal of Union of Christ

Topics: Jesus, Holy Spirit, God in Christianity Pages: 9 (3281 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Chapter 1
Just like the townspeople need a mayor, we, as Christians and disciples need Jesus. Without somebody in our lives to guide us, to rule over us, we are left open to attacks, to wars. A leader over our lives is needed. Jesus is my king, the only one who rules over my life. I go to Him when I am in need, I go to Him in all situations in my life, and He provides and guides my life.

Chapter 2
Jesus is my savior. There isn’t anything in the world that loves us more than Jesus. He died on the cross for my sins. My life with Jesus has been so great. When I received Jesus Christ as my savior, I have learned more of myself than anything else. It is important that I remember and hold onto Jesus as Lord over my life.

Chapter 3
Thomas had a revelation of Jesus and who He was (is). Until I have a revelation of who Jesus is, I cannot truly understand who I am and the things He can do. The only way to get revelation of Jesus and what He did on the cross is to get into the presence of God. Thomas was in Jesus presence when he got the revelation. So must

Chapter 4
You go to a counselor when you need help, when you need advice on which direction to take. The counselor can only give you opinions and suggestions based on his experiences and his knowledge. Jesus is my “Wonderful Counselor”. He is all knowing and will provide for me each and every way. Unlike a counselor of this world, His advice isn’t an advice, but a command. He knows which way we should go and if I sway from that, than we sway onto the wrong path. People of the old days would listen to the High Priest without question. Jesus is the High Priest. We all, including myself need to listen and heed without question.

Chapter 5
Jesus is the Prince of Peace. He has taken so much for our sin, for my sin. He was whipped because I couldn’t control myself. He was crucified because I wasn’t disciplined. He did all that because He loves me. Without any of the things that Jesus went through, we wouldn’t have the peace knowing that we won’t have to go through any of the pain and suffering that He went through. Thank you Jesus!

Chapter 6
“O Captain my Captain” is a poem by Walt Whitman. It details the story of a Captain abroad a ship who won a battle but also dies never claiming his victory. Jesus is the Captain of my life. He controls which way I should go. But Jesus isn’t the captain in the poem who doesn’t claim his victory. Jesus died and rose again showing the world that He was victorious even in death. Jesus is the one who saves us from ourselves. He is also the one who sanctifies us from the world. Sets us apart. Since I am set apart, I need to have a relationship with the one who saved and sanctified me. Since I have a relationship with Him, He continually sharpens the tools given to me to win my everyday battles.

Chapter 7
The church is the body. I am a part of the church, so I belong to the body. The church needs a head. Jesus is the head of the church. I can’t do anything without the head knowing. The body can’t live without the head. The Church can’t survive without Jesus. As a part of the church, I have to submit myself to the head, to Jesus. He is the intellect, the brain, the thoughts, the emotions and the life-force of the church. If you cut off the head from the body, than all you’re left with is the body that doesn’t do a thing. “Brain-dead”

Chapter 8
Jesus is my teacher. He isn’t my teacher because he went to school and learned all the things that He knows. He is my teacher because He knows everything. All the truths and knowledge of Heaven. Jesus provides us the Holy Spirit to discern the crap knowledge of the world from the awesome knowledge of God. This way when we learn, when we read, we don’t form our own opinions but know the revelations of God. By allowing the Holy Spirit to roam freely in my life, He will show me things that I cannot even fathom or imagine. When I read, pray, learn, and...
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