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Topics: Psychology, Educational psychology, Learning Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Title: Social Cognitive Learning Theory: An Integration Paper Name: Salve S. Resuello

We have discussed a lot of topics in our Seminar on Educational Psychology class. These topics were very informative and relevant in the day to day activities of the teachers and I learned a lot from the discussions.

One of the topics that I really like most is the Social Cognitive Learning Theory of Albert Bandura. This theory was focus on learning through observing others. As the discussant of this topic I made research works and I learned a lot during my research specifically on how learning takes place in this theory. There are three factor in it: the environmental factors, the personal factors, and the behavior. The interaction between the environment factors and the personal factors leads to behavior and this process is called Reciprocal Determinism. So, what does this tells us? That the environment has a strong influence in an individual’s behavior.

This theory has five basic assumptions. First, people learn by observing others. In this assumption, models play an important role and each one of us serves as model to everyone. So, each one of us must be aware of our actions and must exhibit appropriate behavior at all times for through our actions we influence other people and people tends to imitate our actions. There is a saying that goes “Anumang gawa ng matanda, sa mata ng bata ay tama”. Second, learning is an internal process that may or may not lead to a behavior. Here, the individual internally processed the acquired knowledge and consequences of the action plays a vital role. If the action has a positive consequence, the individual tends to do the action but if it has a negative consequence, he tends not to do the action at all. Third assumption is a goal-directed behavior. This is relation with our goals in life. People set goals for themselves and direct their behavior toward that goal. Fourth is behavior becomes self-regulated. Here,...
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