Princess Diana and Her Death

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October 30, 2011

Princess Diana and her death
Diana, the Princess of Wales, was greatly admired by many in her lifetime. She did not have an easy life; a failed marriage, fighting for her identity, finding love, sharing her time with her sons, and so much we will never know. Through everything, her status with the people of the nation still stood strong. Diana was born in 1961; her father is the 8th Earl Spencer. Lady Diana Frances Spencer is her full name and she was said to be a rather shy woman. Diana was a kindergarten teacher in London before she married Prince of Wales Charles in 1981. (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia 6th Edition, 2011). As a Princess Diana became a confident woman, she was compassionate in everything she did and she was outspoken and stood her ground. She was also a woman of style, women around the world looked to her for the newest fashion. Diana was all around a people person and the people of the nation loved that they found common ground in her and their own lives. Charles and Diana had two sons together, William born in 1982 and Harry born in 1984. The marriage between the two had a lot of hardship and with that they separated in 1992 and finalized their divorce in1996. (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia 6th Edition, 2011). On the morning of August 30th 1997, Diana was with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed on a yacht while William and Harry were on the end of their six week vacation in Scotland with their father and grandparents. Diana planned to fly into Le Bourget airport in Fayed’s private jet, stay in Paris for the night and return the next day to London to reunite with Diana’s sons. (Andersen, C., 1998). From the time Diana and Dodi arrived they were surrounded by the paparazzi and they were having their drivers try to outrun them. Diana and Dodi went to dinner at the Ritz that night and when they were leaving they had left out the back of the building in an effort to avoid the paparazzi, they were determined to return to their hotel...
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