Primary and Permanent Dentition

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There are 20 teeth in primary dentition.
the mixed dentition Begins at 6 to 12
there are 32 succedanous teeth the permanent dentition period begins at about 12 years of age when the last primary tooth is shed human mouth is divided into two sections or arches called the maxillary and the mandibular the mouth can be divided into four sections called quadrants canines are the longest teeth in the human dentition and are used for cutting and tearing Every tooth in the mouth has five surfaces the facial, lingual masticatory, mesial and distal. The relationship between the maxillary and mandibular teeth when the jaws are in a fully closed position is occlusion. Which tooth numbering system is used most often in the United States that Universal national systems The permanent teeth are numbered in that universal national system According to the ios oh numbering system and adult mandibular left first molar would be tooth number 36 Which dentition takes place between 6 to 12 years of age And exhibits both primary teeth and permanent teeth in the oral cavity at the same time next. Mixed

The mandibular arch is movable through the action of the temporomandibular arch if the dentition is divided into the sextants instead of quadrants how many sextons are there in the arch ? 3 The rounded enamel extensions in the incisal Ridge of newly erupted central and lateral incisors are called Marmelons the smallest teeth in the permanent dentition are the mandibular incisors The canines are the longest teeth in the permanent dentition Central fossa is a pinpoint depression in the occlusal surface of a posterior to where tooth where two or more groves meet The maxillary first premolars has to bifurcated roots.

There are 12 molars in the permanent Dentition.
Permanent maxillary molars have three roots.
Using that universal teeth numbering system what are the numbers for the permanent third molar 16 17 32.. Incisal...
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