Pride and Prejudice: Presentation of Elizabeth and Collins in Chapter 19

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  • Published : November 6, 2012
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How does Austen tell the story in chapter 19?

In terms of form in Pride and Predjiduce there are three different ones which are all presented well in this chapter. The first one is the book is a romantic comedy. Chapter 19 mocks the convention of a romantic proposal. Austen does this because the situation couldn't be less romantic and Collins treats the proposal as a business proposal instead of a romantic proposal. The whole way through his speech he states all the things he has to offer to Elizabeth and leaves the most important things out like his feelings for her. Elizabeth doesn't have feelings for Collins in the slightest and Collins wants to marry Elizabeth so he has a solid women he can show off to everyone, brag about his status and how he can go take her to see Miss de Bourgh. This is everything we wouldn't expect a victor to say and stand for. This book is also a comedy of manners. Collins, although vile and not attractive nor a nice character, believes he is the complete opposite of what we all see him as and he 'is the butt of everyone's joke.' as Elizabeth takes the proposal as a joke. 'I am perfectly serious in my refusal you could not make me happy.' she also nearly laughs at him half way through. The third is that it is a family saga. Mrs Bennett is trying to marry off all of her daughters for her to have a better staus and she doesn't even care that Elizabeth doesn't love him. This is mrs bennetts 'raison dètrè'. In terms of structure the chapter starts with a confirmation of what is going to happen. The start of the chapter starts with a conversation between Mrs Bennett and Elizabeth. This is a build p of tension, leading up to Mr Collins proposal. Mrs Bennett insists that Elizabeth stays to ensure that Mr Collins gets the opportunity to declare his intentions for him and Elizabeth. The build p of tension is due to the reluctance of Elizabeth not wanting to hear what Mr Collins has to say. "feelings were divided between, stress and...
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