Prg/211 Algorithms and Logic for Computer Programming

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  • Published : April 6, 2012
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Programming Fundamentals Paper

Anderson Pierre
March 31, 2012
Mike Walker

Reusability of Code
A long time ago software developers or programmers did not use reusable code because there were not too many reliable, and efficient software or application software available. Therefore, whenever a big project comes forth the software developers or programmers tend to start building from the ground up. After many years of building software from the ground up for each project or request, the software developers had come to an agreement that building software from ground up is very costly and time consuming, especially for an inexperience software developer. Therefore, the software developers or engineers had come to conclusion that they need to develop and implement a platform where different software developers can benefit from each others codes or components. There is one question One must ask what is reusable code? What is the benefit of reusability of code? Reusable code is simply the ability to use code that was previously used without any alteration or adjustment, and still be able to perform a specific request no matter what application uses the code. Reusability of Code is very important and beneficial, by making use of reusable code software developers can dramatically improve on the amount of time it took to develop a program or software, and they will be more efficient in creating, adding, and editing new programs. Reusability of Code is used everywhere in big Corporation, Firm, and especially small businesses. For instance a mechanic reused car components or parts almost every day because once the part is proven to be working properly it makes perfect sense to use it because its less time consuming, more profitable, and increase productivity. Reusability of code is almost inevitable some software is meant to be reused that is a very popular method used in open source software because not all software can be used directly...
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