Innovating Business Software: Customer Relationship Management

Topics: Customer relationship management, Customer service, Sales process engineering Pages: 8 (2238 words) Published: July 27, 2012
Development, Implementation, and Diffusion

Internal Business Environment

Other business systems or complementary products that might integrate with your business software application:

Other business systems that might integrate with our business software applications are Microsoft Dynamics and SAP AG. Microsoft products are familiar software used by many people so Microsoft Dynamics CRM can reduce time required to learn how to use the software. has a proven real-time integration system that can work well with on-premise applications from Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP. The changes in technology today has proven to customers that internet based software is the way to go. Chief Executive, Mark Benioff states that has focused on selling programs that perform specific tasks on a PC or handheld computer. (HAMM, 2007) By establishing an external cloud services that works well with Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Google App Engine, and Twitter, has designed Informatica cloud to integrate with on-premise apps by SAP, JDE, and Oracle, databases, files, and spreadsheets. The integration of systems is a major endeavor and involves challenges of a technical, organizational, and project management skills during the design phase of the business software. Some systems are designed as standalone systems with little intentions to integrate in the future. Our company will design a software that will allow integration in the future of we see the need to make changes. Inc is a cloud-based software maker and is the biggest maker of cloud-based software that allows its customers to access it over the internet. Cloud based software is compatible with applications that run on cloud computing systems from, Google, Apple Safari, and Microsoft.

2) Resource requirements
Windows Internet Explorer 8; or earlier
Mozilla or Firefox
Apple-Safari (mobile devices)
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Outlook
3) Plan to increase innovation diffusion within your organization and explanation of which business divisions will play roles in planning and implementation of the innovation diffusion Leadership will play a key role in the planning and implementation of the innovation diffusion. Management must be proactively involved in the change yet capable of allowing others to be creative. It is important to create a culture of collaboration, and cross-functional initiatives (White and Burton, 2007 p. 130). The first initiative will be to create a strong support system and a knowledge based culture where employees from different units are involved. Informal communication—and an open culture increase the likelihood of innovation success (Van R., Allard C.R., Lemmink, J., & Ouwershoot, H., 2004 p 357). Blending individuals from different units of the business will be vital to success. For example, an employee on the sales team has direct interaction with customers (physicians) and has hands on experience with what customers demand; therefore they can bring valuable insight and collaborate with the technical team in effort to enhance the design of the system as well as the marketing unit where the focus is engaging and building relationships with the customers. In support of our vision, knowledge sharing is encouraged. Communication between management and employees should be consistent, and new ideas or opportunities can be shared openly among these departments via emails as well as in a physical setting. In addition, changes that occur will be openly communicated throughout the firm. Leaders of an organization should create an internal environment that allows individuals to believe that they are part of a system and organization that will allow innovation; that is, they are actively engaged in the firm. Thus, if employees do not believe that they are part of the system and organization, there typically will be problems (White and Bruton, 2007 p,...
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