Pressure Moment

Topics: Pulse, Carbon dioxide, Heart rate Pages: 6 (1029 words) Published: May 1, 2013
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Speeding up/pressure and moments

9K & 9L

27 min
27 marks
Q1-L3, Q2-L4, Q3-L4, Q4-L5, Q5-L6

1.(a)E D A B C1
all five letters must be in the correct order

(b)to measure volumeaccept ‘to make sure they used the same1 volume of water in each beaker’
accept ‘to measure amount of water’
accept ‘to measure the volume of salt or
‘to measure salt or sugar’ is insufficient

(c)any one from1
• they used the same volume ofaccept ‘they used the same amount of waterwater’
accept ‘they stirred the same number of
accept ‘they stirred at the same speed’
accept ‘they stirred for the same time’
‘they stirred it’ is insufficient

(d)(i)any one from1
• you might not get the sameaccept ‘you might not get the same amount mass each timeof salt or sugar’
• you will not know howaccept ‘it is not precise or a much was addedmeasurement’
accept answers which suggest that using a spatula is not a precise measurement

(ii)any one from1
• measure the massaccept ‘measure weight’ or ‘weigh it’ accept ‘use a balance or scales’
• measure the number ofaccept ‘use grams’ grams
accept ‘use a measuring cylinder’ accept ‘level it with a knife’

(e)from 1–31 inclusive1

2.(a)any one from1
• it describes how they will carryaccept a description which identifies a out their investigationfactor to be kept constant • it has more information or detailaccept ‘the second plan includes apparatus • it includes a fair testto be used or a measurement or a • it includes measurementcomparison’

accept the converse of any marking point accept a statement referring to any of the points in the second plan accept answers which describe a consequence of the test not being fair

(b)to avoid scalding or burningaccept ‘it is very hot’1 themselvesaccept ‘to avoid spilling’
credit may be given for answers which, although not accurate, imply that the water is at a high temperature eg ‘it is nearly boiling’

(c)any one from1
• it allowed them to compare theaccept ‘as soon as it has gone they stopped times for different tea bagstiming’
• it told them when theaccept ‘so they know how long it takes’ measurement was completedaccept ‘the cross let them see when the tea produced by the 3 bags was the same’

• so they knew when to stopaccept ‘so they could stop at the right time’ accept ‘it tells them when they have
dissolved the same’
answers must indicate that the cross shows when the teas are the same colour or allows a measurement to be made ‘it made it fair’ is insufficient

(d)(i)results [pic]1
if more than one box is ticked, award no mark

(ii)triangle circle squareaccept a drawing of a triangle, a circle and1 a square
all three answers are required in the correct order [5]

3.(a)(i)ice skateaccept ‘skate’1

(ii)Tom’s weight on the footwear [pic]
if more than one box is ticked, award no mark

(b)any one from1
• they do not sink in
• they...
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