The Impact Stress Creates Upon the Human Body

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Judy Graves
Dr. Ad Muniz
Anthropology 370
December 4, 2012
The Impact Stress creates upon the Human Body
Many issues and problems exist upon the world. One of the biggest ones we face on a daily basis is stress. There is no such thing as no stress. At some point throughout the day or even through the week, there is some stress that exists, regardless of what it may be or the cause of it. Stress can come from anything, whether it is confronted with a challenge at work, school, or even something unexpected within the family or friends. Stress can come from any thought or situation that changes your thought and feelings that may involve frustration, angry, nervous, or anxious. Depending on the amount of stress you come across with, it can lead to serious effects that may affect your mental and physical health. Physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral symptoms can arise from stress and unless it is well managed and under control, the tension and pressures will affect your performance. There are different ways in how to well manage stress and keeping it under control. Stress in the Workplace

For those who have a job, they will find themselves in stressful situations at times. It may lead into a decline in efficiency and productivity within the workplace and cause frustration. Those workers who tend to want to get it all done at once will find themselves pushing very hard and will cause them to show signs of stress without them realizing it. “A study out this past summer on job satisfaction from the Conference Board revealed that 63% of workers say they have high levels of stress at work, with extreme fatigue and feeling out of control,” (Davis-Laack 2012). Most organizations are well aware of the stresses that the workforce can bring upon employees and studies have been done to look into this matter and calculate statistics to make comparisons of the causes it brings. “One study even found people with this high-strain type of job to have enlarged hearts compared to those who had low-strain jobs,” (Williams 2008). Some jobs have fewer expectations than others and can have different levels of stress. For example, a manager working in the financial industry is bound to have more expectations than a service clerk in a grocery store. The manager is responsible in meeting goals and making sure their employees are doing their work and staying on top of their organization to run it smoothly. Having multiple tasks and expectations will have more stress as it is required to use critical thinking and problem solving challenges. A service clerk in a grocery store is responsible to make sure shopping carts are at the convenience of customers as they walk into the store. They also make sure the bathrooms are clean as well as keeping the store looking neat from any spills or accidents. Their overall expectations is to make sure their customers are well satisfied but does not add much stress upon their job as it is a low-strain job. Challenges with other people and overcoming the stress it creates

It can be very challenging to work with people all day long. Whether it is with customers, co-workers, employees, or even your managers and bosses. When you have a lot of work to do that has a set deadline for completion, you have a sense of tension for meeting that goal. If working with customers as well, it is more difficult to focus on finishing your work and this can lead to stress because you have your customers as priority but yet, you need to finish your work as well. To cut down this risk, the decision needs to be made quickly where you communicate with those of who are expecting something for you to do, but you can’t get to it. Keep in your mind that although they may get angry with this, you will remain calm and explain the circumstances in a professional manner. “…it's situations in your life which place demands on you to have to do something, and it's not clear or easy for you to be able to meet those demands...
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