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Digital prepress
By Justin Rodriguez

Digital prepress has become very popular over the years, and throughout the generations it has only gotten better. In 1900 prepress production catalogs often ment having to process into film ,nowadays prepress is done digitally. Since the products are done =digitally the customer who wanted to have an Add or something done would have to send them a job ticket showing specific instructions on what they wanted for example :font size color and picture. The person doing the job ticket for the client has a greater responsibility because he has to have everything set up according to what the client specified, usual file formats are done in DTP filed with Quark, Pagemaker and InDesign including the font and graphics needed. Since film was eliminated, its been harder for both people and printers to find exact color matches. With technology advancing everyday, it has become a greater tool for todays job maket in typography and layout , business want to advertise there product and want it appealing to the eye with different style fonts, colors, and information. Prepress is everwere from bill boards to business cards, as a result of the technological take over anyone can do it all you need is a computer an Indesign page maker or any format that can make pictures, the advances in technology has also benefitted print buyers because the time, error rates, and cost to produce the product dramatically dropping over the years, this is however has caused the great decrease in the traditional prepress.
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