Preparing a Career Development Plan

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Reasons Scott did not seek or receive advice from her immediate supervisor

Although Scott took a step in the right direction by beginning nightly accounting courses, all of her efforts may be in vain if she does not change her attitude. Burroughs has already given Scott valuable advice on how to change her attitude toward her qualifications and the advice proved to be a success. Now, Scott must continue to seek and present her positive qualifications and build her self-esteem. Each of the ways Scott may prepare herself for career advancement mentioned below can help her build self-esteem and always go into an interview with a positive demeanor. Lack of communication

Whether Scott’s immediate supervisor did not notice her depressed spirits or her supervisor just ignored them, there was a break down in communication. This breakdown may have been caused by many factors, one important factor being a lack of relationship between Scott and her supervisor. Depending on the position of her immediate supervisor, Scott may not have had much interaction with them. Obviously she did not feel comfortable discussing her problems with her supervisor but felt comfortable with Burroughs, someone who she may have rarely had contact with.

Now that Scott is in a new position, she should try and establish a beneficial relationship with her immediate supervisor so they can discuss problems she may be having at work. Although her immediate supervisor may not be receptive to the lack of relationship now, once Scott brings up this topic, they can work together to create an effective and mutually beneficial relationship.

Ways Scott can prepare herself for career advancement

As Scott has already discovered, the main problem she is having obtaining job positions is her attitude going into interviews. Burroughs has already given her advice on how to change her attitude, by stressing her favorable qualities rather than focusing on only having a high school...
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