My Career Path with Input from True Colors Survey

Topics: Output, Personality psychology, Natural disaster Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: January 16, 2012
My Career path with input from True colors survey
Professor Mueller
January 15, 2012

My Career path, with inputs from True color survey, shows my primary color is Orange. Here I sat as an older retiree and this is how I decided to enhance my career path. My essay is about my personality traits and learning abilities. With the Carolyn’s Kalil’s survey, this survey portrayed how my work ethic and abilities will affect any management practice I will use (Carolyn’s Kalil’s 1). As for my learning abilities, well let us say I am definitely a hands’ on person. The survey states that I am courageous. Well without breaking my arm, I think I am. The survey also states that I act on a moment's notice; well this is defiantly true, especially with my experience in the military. We never have a chance to think about anything during the moment, we just acted on it (Carolyn’s Kalil’s 1).

The reasoning for my degree intent is; I still want to serve my community by creating programs to help with natural disasters. One example I would create such a program that I would put into place, it would be a quick response team to help flood ravage areas. When I came into the military, I worked as an Aircraft Mechanic, and after seventeen years, an old injury took its toll on me, so I had to change my career path. This how I came into my current field; in this field, there are many actions that I deal with; which they include natural disasters, Soldier movements and launching fighter intercept missions. So now, you can see how for me this can be a very exciting career. I also learned that the civilian equivalent, would most likely only deal with Natural Disaster and Homeland defense Missions. After extensive research, I have found that the Emergency Management and Disaster degree program was the way for me.

After taking this survey, I have learned that my best learning ability as stated earlier was hands on. The Carolyn’s Kalil’s survey...
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