Prepare a Report Assessing Advantages and Disadvantages of the Business of Your Choice in Building a Social Networking Plan for Improving Its Social Presence. This Would Enable You to Recommend Methods and Approaches to

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Prepare a report assessing advantages and disadvantages of the business of your choice in building a social networking plan for improving its social presence. This would enable you to recommend methods and approaches to promote products and services while building an excellent communication channel with customers.| Business Management Studies|

Social Networking and Enterprise

1 Introduction2
2 Main Findings3
2.1Advantages and Disadvantages to using Social Networking sites3
2.1.1 Advantages3
2.1.2 Disadvantage3
2.2 Current Social Activity4
2.2.1 Facebook4
2.2.2 Twitter4
2.2.3 LinkedIn4
2.3 Social presence is used in conjunction with the other offline and online marketing channels4
3 Analysis and Conclusion5
3.1 Time Plan5
3.2 Final Strategy5
3.3 Conclusion5
4 References & Bibliography6
5 Appendices7

1 Introduction

Social Networking sites, for years, have been one of the most popular methods of brand marketing, for a variety of businesses. By using social networking businesses are able to grow and succeed, because it helps them strengthen business relationships and generate a much larger customer base. The speed at which people in both their personal and professional lives, have begun to use social media is unmatched. “While it took radio 38 years and the internet seven years to reach and audience of 50 million, Facebook achieved the same milestone in its third year.”(Ernst & Young, 2011)

In this report I will show how each platform can be used to strengthen and grow the company. Platforms this report will look at include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This report will be looking at the current and potential social networking activity of The Champions Life Academy. They’re a small business, based in London, who run a student orientated internships each summer; helping the students to increase their team work, management and sales skills. Using knowledge gain while taking part in champions summer internship, this report will be looking at the different platforms that Champions are already using, at the same time this report will access a number of different ways in which champions can improve upon their current social networking activity. Because Champions are a student development company it is important that they stay on top of current and on trend with technology. As well as looking a possible solutions that Champions could use in the future, this report will also look at the advantages and disadvantages of social networking platforms, and whether using them is the best way forward for Champions Life Academy. By the end of the report Champions will have a clear view of what is needed to continue the expansion of the company, and how social networking can help them in achieving this goal.

2 Main Findings

“Champions Life Academy is a student development programme that prepares young people for the business world and beyond whilst offering those that excel opportunities to develop new enterprises within the organisation. “ Champions are a small business, with only 6 full time members of staff and 1 placement year student. It all started when the founders Al Brown and John Pordum went on the BBC television show dragons den. Even though their trip was unsuccessful, they’re past experience in door-to-door sales was interesting to Peter Jones, “who suggested that the sales skills they developed during that time, must have been instrumental in why they had gone on to run a number of different businesses”. At the start of the programme, in 2008, they had a small group of 27 students, then 45 in 2009, and 95 in 2010. With its popularity growing it more than doubled to 200 in 2011; this has equalled an 800% increase in just 4 years. Champions are now established as one of the top internships in the country, and their focus continues to be to create the best development programme possible. With the company looking to expand it is important...
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