Prepare, Cook and Finish Food: Vegetable Dishes 2

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Prepare, Cook and Finish Food: Vegetable Dishes

A Report Researched to the Faculty of the School
Of HospitalityManagement

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements

Submitted to:
Mr. Edward Dimaculangan

Submitted by: Ramone T

Know how to prepare vegetables for basic dishes (20.1.0)
A. Description of the characteristics of different vegetables There are different types of vegetables which differ season to season. Vegetables provide nutrients in the body which needs to survive.

Different Types of Vegetables:Root Vegetables| Description| Carrot| Carrots have a horn-like shape and its color is orange. Its texture is crisp when fresh; it can be eaten in several ways. Carrots have vitamin A which can increase our poor vision, including night vision.| Beetroot| Beetroots have a circular pointed shape and its color is deep maroon red. When it is raw, beetroots have a crunchy texture, however when it is cooked, it turns soft and buttery. Beetroots improve blood flood, lower blood pressure and better stamina.|

Tuber vegetables are underground plant stems that swell to store nutrients.

Different Types of Vegetables:Tuber Vegetables| Description| Potato| Potatoes are round and can be in various sizes. It is starchy and comes from the nightshades family. Potatoes provide excellent nutrition. The color of the potato is brown skinned potato tubers. There are other common colors such as red or yellow. Potatoes control diabetes, fight cancer and helps get stronger bones in the body system.| Artichoke| Artichokes have big plump, olive green rounded shape and heavy because of their fully tight closed scales. Its leaves leave a good digestion in the body and have lower cholesterol. It has a good source of fiber and vitamin C. |

Pods are plant pods that spits into two halves where one of the sides has seeds attached to that side of the pod.

Different Types of Vegetables:Pod Vegetables| Description| Broad Beans| Broad beans are medium sized oval-shaped seeds within a pod and it is light brown in color. It has an earthy flavor, slightly bitter and a creamy texture. It has an excellent source of fiber.| Peas| Peas are small spherical seeds which contained within a pod and it is commonly green in color. Peas are starchy, but high in fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and lutein. Peas help lower the cholesterol and reduce the risk of age-related cataracts.|

Fungi are commonly known as mushrooms. There are several kinds of mushrooms.

Different Types of Vegetables:Fungi Vegetables| Description| Mushrooms-Oyster| Mushroom-Oysters are a fan or oyster capped shaped mushroom. The color could be white to gray or tan to dark brown. It has an earthy flavor and a chewy texture. It prevents from getting high blood pressure and high cholesterol.| Button| Button mushrooms are tiny or medium thumbnail sized mushrooms with rounded caps and short truncated stems. Buttons are creamy white or light tanned brown mushrooms. It has an earthy taste and a tender texture when cooked. It has a good source of Vitamin D and fights cancer.| Shiitake Mushrooms| Shiitake mushrooms have brown, slightly convex caps and have a strong scent of smoky flavor and are a very good source of fiber and a good source of protein. It reduces high blood cholesterol levels.|

Vegetable-like fruits are vegetables formed from the fruits of the plants.

Different Types of Vegetables:Fruit Vegetables| Description| Tomato| Tomatoes are red and its shape is round, it could be in various sizes. Tomatoes have a fresh taste and a firm texture. It benefits the heart among other organs. Tomatoes are excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of vitamin A.| Aubergine| Aubergine is known as eggplant and it is a large peared shaped vegetable. The color of the vegetable is purple and it has a glossy outer skin and firm white flesh. It has a spongy texture and an earthy...
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