Preliminary Plan

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Preliminary Project Plan
for the…

Table of Contents


2Project Goals4

3Preliminary Project Timeline5

4Preliminary Staffing Requirements6

5Preliminary Risk Assessment7

6Preliminary Assumptions8

7Preliminary Budget9

8This Project and Its Impact On or By Other Projects10

9This Project and Its Impact On or By Existing Systems11

10This Project and Its Impact On or By Existing Infrastructure12

11Recommendations / Next Steps13



Background of Haiti and Dominica


Living Standard and Education

Project Goals

|Project Name: | |Project Sponsor(s): |Project Manager: | |Project Start Date: |Project End Date: | |Goals / Objectives (Succinctly captures the project’s goals and objectives. Good objective statements should identify the time and performance | |elements of a successful project implementation): | |Background / Narrative (Describes the history behind the project. Answers the question – “Why are we doing this project?”. Identifies the | |‘drivers’ that compel the University to do the project.): | |Project Deliverables (Tangible and intangible products, processes, results and services provided by the project): | | | | | | | | | |Project Boundaries (Empowerment limits, project constraints, and things that will not be done as part of the project): | | | | | | | | | | | Preliminary Project Timeline

Describe, with a supporting schedule chart, the estimated duration of the entire project, broken down by major phases. Include the proposed start and end dates and key project milestones.

Preliminary Staffing Requirements

Describe the roles of the core project team and supporting non-team subject matter experts. Diagram relationships using an organizational chart structure, if feasible. Itemize roles as follows:

Core Project Team Roster
List the candidate individuals who will constitute the near full-time core project team. Itemize each role, the required skills...
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