Topics: Academic degree, Engineering, Broadcasting Pages: 5 (526 words) Published: March 20, 2014
College of Engineering and Industrial Technology
Electronics and Communications Engineering Department
Boni Ave., Mandaluyong City


A Design Presented to the Faculty of
Electronics and Communications Engineering Department

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the
Degree of Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering

Presented by:

Cabcad, Rachel
Canillas, Amelyn
Delgado, Angie
Noblefranca, Crisanto
Ramil, Kenneth

Presented to:

Engr. Rufino Ochoco

February 2014

Approval Sheet

This AM/FM Broadcasting Design has been prepared and submitted by: Rachel Cabcad, Amelyn Canillas, Angie Delgado, Crisanto Noblefranca, and Kenneth Ramil., in partial fulfillment for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

____________________ ­­­___________________
Engr. Rufino Ochoco Engr. Wilfredo Timajo Instructor Head, ECE Department


Approved and accepted as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering by the distinguish members of the Committee of the Oral Examiners with the grade of ______.

Dr. Ma. Eugenia Yangco
Dean, CEIT


This design is heartily dedicated…

To Our ALMIGHTLY GOD who gives us strength…

To our beloved parents…

To our brothers and sisters

To our friends and inspirations…

To our mentors and fellow students…


This dissertation would not have been possible without the guidance and the help of several individuals who in one way or another contributed and extended their valuable assistance in the preparation and completion of this AM design.

First, we would like to thank our Lord Almighty God for the blessings, guidance and strength He had given to us.

To our beloved parents and guardians who provide us love, care and financial support which helps us to go along with the project. We are grateful to have such parents and family who understand, patient and supportive in what we’re doing.

We would also like to commend our mentor, Engr. Rufino Ochoco for the teachings and the support he had given us before and after the defense.

To Noblefranca family, for letting us do the documents in their house and also for their financial and emotional support they’ve extended. To our other classmates who have shared their ideas for the good of this design.

And lastly, the group would also like to express their gratitude to ECE Department for letting us borrow previous documents which guides our Broadcast and Acoustics project design to have an effective content.


Title page i
Approval Sheet ii
Acknowledgement iv
Table of Contentsv

Chapter 1 : Background of the Design

Statement of the Problem5Objectives6
Significance of the Study6
Scope and Delimitation7
Definition of Terms8

Chapter 2: Overview of the Province 15

Chapter 3: Broadcast Standards

A. Technical Requirements25
B. Broadcast Auxiliary Services31

Chapter 4: Design Considerations
A. AM33
B. FM38
C. Tower Equipment and Personnel Protection49

Chapter 5: Design Analysis

A. AM Design Procedure 51
- Computation 53
- Field Intensity Table 61
- Distance vs. Conductivity 62
- Groundwave Field Intensity vs. Distance 94
- Radiation...
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