Pregnancy Cravings

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Article one prenatal/birth/postpartum
Pregnancy Cravings
Almost every woman that has had a child can tell you stories of their weird food cravings when they were pregnant. But do you really know the reason as to why they crave such weird concoctions. The major reason of this is hormones; the extreme changes a woman goes through during their pregnancy can have a big impact on their taste and smell. But to be honest there really is no exact reason the pregnant women go through such different food cravings. A possibility may be the prenatal vitamins and medications they take that can trigger these food cravings. Some people think it is the body crying for what it lacks; a pregnant woman said she craved meat. Maybe because her body was lacking protein. "People think their cravings are significant, but studies show no link between cravings and nutritional requirements," she says. "If people craved what the body needs, we would all eat more broccoli and less chocolate (Brown)”. There's no scientific explanation for food cravings. There's no data that states what a woman craves is related to something her body or her baby needs, and there's no data to support that typical pregnancy food cravings are harmful. I just think its weird and cool to hear some of the bizarre things some pregnant women crave. And I wonder what strange things ill crave when I am pregnant.

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