Empathy Belly

Topics: Pregnancy, Obstetrics, Stretch marks Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Aliyah Hendershot
For my pregnancy interviews I interviewed Amy Jordan, Ritta Hendershot, Rexi Dobbs, Stacey Price, and of course myself. These are the questions i asked... How much weight did you gain?
DId you have any complications?
What were your cravings?
DId you get stretch marks?
DId your feet ever swell?
Did you guess the correct sex of your baby?
What was the best thing about your whole pregnancy?
Amy Jordan: During her pregnancy Amy gained 30lbs during her first pregnancy. She did have complications, she almost miscarried when she was 3 months along and her child had meconium in its fluid. Her cravings were Ryan's Rolls. She did get strech marks. Her feet were swollen but never severe. She had a deep feeling that she was going to have a girl and she guessed right! Amy thought that the best part of her pregnancy was getting to feel her baby girl move around inside and getting to feel her kick. Aliyah Hendershot: During my pregnancy I gained 26lbs, all in my belly. I never had any complications during my pregnancy until my due date and then I found out that my baby was breech. I had a huge craving for KFC, and then orange juice, bacon, and lemon lime salt. I didnt get stretch marks until a month before my due date, then i got them bad. My feet were only swollen twice and it was because I was in the car for multiple hours without moving. I knew from my first doctors appiontment that was going to have a girl. The best part of my whole pregnancy had to be being able to see my daughter move around and feeling her little feet and toes against my belly.
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