Pregnancy and Husband Richard

Topics: Pregnancy, Woman, Female Pages: 3 (1056 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Leonel Orantes
Professor. Lee


I decide to interview my neighbor Claudette Romano. She is a 67-year-old white female living with her husband Richard Romano. She was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana in 1944. Even before she was born she experienced inequality while in her mother’s stomach. Her father was in the United States Force and lived with his wife in the Chennault Air Force Base. Her mother was forced to leave the base because they couldn’t have children on base. Furthermore, her mother worked as a drafter, which was unusual for women to do. Unfortunately, days before her mother gave birth, she had to quit her job. The reason was because they didn’t have maternal leave for women so she would’ve gotten laid off anyways. After about until she was 4 her mother got a job again and her aunt took care of her. She played with her cousins one a boy and one a girl. She wasn’t experiencing inequality yet, because her parents let her play with toy cars and dolls. Claudette said, “I had a whole collection of toy cars, but I did have my doll sets.” In her early childhood years she attended class with boys and girls, but she did have segregation amongst African American kids. She also said “I never noticed inequality until you told me what it was, because it was part of the culture.” What she means by this is that in high school females and males had different and separated gym classes. Females played sports like basketball, volleyball, and softball, while on the other hand males played Football, Frisbee, and ran Track. Claudette then advanced her education by attending The University of Louisiana at Laffite. She then told me the hassles of her being a female began. Claudette said to me that she wanted to major in architecture and took various classes to pressure her career. One problem she came across was that some Male teachers refused to teacher her. She also came across people consulting her to peruse a different career. She was the only woman...
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