Fathers: Pregnancy and Meredith F. Small

Topics: Pregnancy, Mother, Marriage Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: December 10, 2011
“How Many Fathers Are Best for a Child?”, by Meredith F. Small is an article about multiple paternity. This article addresses a tribe in Venezuela who believe that their children have multiple parents. Their beliefs are that after conception, a mother should continue to have sex as much as possible. The mothers often have sex with many partners because it is impossible for the husband have all the sex required to help build the fetus. These other partners are then referred to as secondary fathers and are required to help provide for the child. The original father, however, usually doesn’t know about the other fathers, because they don’t agree with wives lying down with other men. As the Western culture becomes more prevalent in their culture, the idea of multiple paternity is beginning to fade or become more discreet because Westerns do not approve of it.

1. Their belief is that fetuses with multiple sperm baths help grow the fetus. “As a fetus is built up over time with repeated washes of sperm-which means of course, that more than one man can contribute to the endeavor.”

2. They also believe one man can not provide enough sex to satisfy the needs of the fetus. “They claim it’s hard work for men to support a pregnancy by having enough sex, and so lovers can help.” Just look, the Bari say. Women grow fat during a pregnancy, while men grow thin from all their work.”

3. They believe two fathers are ideal to the survival of the child. “Children with one father and one secondary father made it to their teens most often; kids with only one father or those with more than two fathers didn’t fare as well.”

This is an idea that is completely false. Usually I keep an open mind when reading these articles but this is one I can’t relate to. I understand what they believe and it goes further than sex. Having more than two people take care of a child can be advantageous, but allowing your wife to have multiple partners because it helps the...
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