Predictions About the Future

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tions about tPredictions about the future

There are many predictions about the future and they all different. Some predictions about robot's and their ways to make our life easier, others about catastrophe the Earth must suffer, still others about problems of the Earth and so on. We'll consider some of them.

First prediction is about robot's helping to make our life better. During next fifty years time computers will be much more intelligent than today and it will change people's lives. Computers will help people work, learn, plan and decide. They will help people from different countries to understand each other by automatically translating from one language to another. Intelligent computers will work as scientist and will start to make discoveries on their own.

Second prediction is about catastrophe the Earth can suffer. During the next in fifty yearrs' time our earth might suffer a catastrophe. Humans could disappear, just like the dinosaurs and hundreds of other species. The best way to make humans safe from the extinction is to start a colony on Mars.

Third prediction is about our body and what we'll can do with it during next 50 years. I believe that soon we will be able to repair the human body in the same way that we can replace damaged parts of car or a washing machine. Five years from now we will be able to grow new fingers and a few years after that – new arms and legs. Within fifty years, replacing your whole body will be normal.

In conclusion I want to say that there are many predictions about the future but would they become fulfilled depends only of us.
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