Predicting the Growth of Microorganisms

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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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Cristian Gonzalez
Predicting the Growth of Microorganisms
Bacteria have been around us all the time just that not are bad there are also good bacteria. Throughout the session the bacteria changed in shape and how large it grew in many different ways. There were many different results in every bacteria that was examined, no bacteria looked alike towards one another. The bacteria in order to be produced it need to be put nutrient agar that would nourish it. The bacteria were inoculated into the nutrient agar so it can grow to be observed to view the results.

Bacteria have been always around but us humans can’t see it with naked eye. Bacteria can be both harmful and good depending what type of bacteria it is. The bathroom sink has many different types of bacteria some are harmful but some are good as well. There are many type of bacteria in the sink some examples are fusarium and Staphylococcus Aureus. Fusarium can’t affect healthy people because of the immune system it becomes harmless. The bacteria collect from the sink will grow and form into many different shape and colors during the session.

Materials & Methods
The materials used in the process of the petri dish were the petri dish. Then the nutrient agar was used in the petri dish. Also a cotton swab(Equate) was used in the process as well. The last thing used was 2 pieces of tape to close up the petri dish. First the tape was taken off the petri dish. The Equate Q-Tip which was bought from Sam’s Club. After the petri dish was taken to the bathroom to grab the sample needed for the petri dish. Then the Q-Tip was rubbed about 7 to 8 times in the bathroom sink to collect the bacteria. After rubbing the swab the bacteria was inoculated the bacteria into the nutrient agar into the petri dish. After that the petri dish was quickly closed to avoid air that would affect the results. Finally it was taped together with two pieces of tape. Results...
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