Preconception Care Program

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  • Published: February 5, 2012
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Preconception Healthcare: Healthy Families for a Healthy Future

Lara Angelo, Heather Archer-Dyer, Jessica Colon, Simone Edwards, Emeka Anthony Mmuo, Karyn Monahan, Oby Nwankwo

New York Medical College
School of Health Sciences and Practice

Executive Summarypage 3
Case Study 1 (Problem-Based)pages 4 – 17
Case Study 2 (Reference Case)pages 18 – 45
Project Reportpages 46 - 147

Executive Summary
According to the World Health Organization, preconception healthcare is most effectively channeled through the individual and should incorporate healthy lifestyle messages beginning in childhood. If preconception healthcare education is introduced in a community clinical care setting there is an increased chance of an improvement in birth outcomes. The aim of this project, Preconception Health Care: Healthy Families for a Healthy Future (PCH-HF2), is to provide a comprehensive year long program for three Community Health Centers in Westchester County, New York. PCH-HF2 will focus primarily on the mid-size CHC as the model. The recommended interventions will target women and their families prior to conception (preconception), early in pregnancy (prenatal) and in-between pregnancies (interconception). PCH-HF2 program recommendations focus on three key interventions: (1) improvement of the educational materials distributed at the center; (2) incorporation of free local initiatives; and (3) increased wellness education during visits across the center’s providers.  The PCH-HF2 strategic approach is to proactively expand reproductive healthcare within the Community Health Centers beyond prenatal care by leveraging the current strengths and existing resources. This program has the potential to be successful in contributing positively to the goals set by Healthy People 2010 / 2020. This program can also be tailored for the patients in the other Community Health Center locations. All recommended...
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