Preceptorship for Nurses.

Topics: Learning, Learning styles, Kinesthetic learning Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: May 13, 2012
I am predominantly a kinesthetic learner and I will endeavour to look at how this can influence the way I bring about training in my surroundings. To me it is essential to combine the way the preceptee with their different learning style learns and to provide the best learning outcomes plus conquer the challenges we may both face. I’m a practical person who likes to get on with the task before me with as few hassles as achievable. I surround myself with bright colours, highlighters, diagrams and bold print when reading instructions. I understand that for some adults this would be too distracting and off putting. In favour of the individual’s learning techniques, communicating with the preceptee is the best tool to use first. As a preceptor it is my responsibility to have the knowledge of what is the desired outcome regarding the time spent with me. What the most important issues for them are and to give the freedom to achieve this with their own line of attack. I need to be positive, encouraging and coaching the more apprehensive learner to carry out tasks giving the preceptee more confidence in their abilities. I must allow the preceptee the autonomy to work at their own pace, as they are ultimately responsible for the completion of their work. Standing back and watching, gathering data, analysing, thinking the task through in logical steps would all be new challenges for me. The way around these challenges and other challengers are to make the environment learner centred, to give up the control and have confidence to the leaning skills, knowledge and experience that comes with the preceptee. The Preceptee has already developed values, beliefs and opinions which I must learn to debate with a respectful approach and maintain reflection in the daily learning process. I need to acknowledge that I am training an adult who will need to be treated as such. Adults need to feel that they are directing their own learning, showing how...
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