Introduction to Personal Development

Topics: Want, Need, Developmental psychology Pages: 3 (1043 words) Published: October 28, 2011
Assessment task-SHC 22Introduction to personal development in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings
Task: On-going personal development is necessary when working with children and young people as it is important to keep your own practice up to date. As part of your induction to your new work role you have been asked to show your line manager that you can: 1. Describe the duties and responsibilities of your role

My role duties in the pre-school where I work are:
* First think when I arrive is that I have to sign, to put the time I arrive and the time I live * In the morning when I arrive I have to help the deputy manager to bring from deposit all the furniture in the hall and to arrange it, for example: tables and chairs where the children’s are, eating, playing all the games. * I have to provide all the painting and drawing materials like papers, paint’s, brushes, colored pencils. * I have to be assure that the crayons are sharpen

* They have a big plastic pit that I have to fill it up with water. * I have to check all the doors especially the fire escape so the children’s are not going to be in any danger because they can escape from the pre school * I have to check if is anything left behind ,like any sharp object or something that can harm the children * When is snack time I have to supervise together with another colleague the children because some time they need some help with pouring water or to make observation that they have to help them self’s with snack’s * After the children have the snack I need to take all the plates and cups and , wash everything ,tidy up for the next group * When is time for a story I have to remember them that inside we have to walk not run. * At the time when a member of staff is reading a story I have to make sure that the children are quiet and are listening to the story. * I have to be careful when they are playing in the sandbox because they have...
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