Preacher Reflection.

Topics: Fiction, God, Short story Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: April 18, 2012
Malcolm Burk Preacher Reflection

In the short story “Dance for the Devil” by Edward McCourt the preacher within the course of the story is the protagonist and a dynamic character. He comes across as a confident man unsure of his surroundings but true to his words. Coming into a lawless town as a man of religion on a mission to clean up coyote gully could be a daunting task. A very spiritual man when it comes to tasks because of his religious background. As a preacher he is quite distinctive because of his eagerness to what has to be done. Spirituality is a big part of the preacher’s game considering he is a preacher which takes a lot of spirituality. The preacher displays it a lot in the short story which means his not afraid to show his title and is going to use his spirituality for an advantage in the problems he is faced. Spirituality can be used in many different ways but the preacher uses it as his advantage because he is very good at using it correctly. Spirituality can help with tasks because it can keep you very confident with what you are doing and confidence is a key role in getting success. Confidence is key factor of the preacher because he needs confidence with everything he does because without confidence he would not be successful with what he is trying to do. The preacher being confident can help with everything for example his spirituality and how he is confident in how he is using it. When the preacher preaches he displays his confidence in what he is preaching about making the people feel like the preacher is much more reliable. Confidence leads the preacher into good intentions because his confidence makes him unafraid to intend to do things that take fearlessness. The preacher is displayed as a very unafraid person throughout the story because of his confidence with what he is dealing with. For example in the story he is offered a gun on his journey to the cabin on dead man’s butte and he is so unafraid that...
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