Billy Graham: a True Leader and Crusader

Topics: Leadership, Billy Graham, Positive psychology Pages: 3 (1320 words) Published: July 1, 2011
To find a great modern day leader with a life full of integrity is nearly impossible to do, but Reverend Billy Graham definitely fits the bill. This essay will attempt to show how the Reverend is able to bundle his personal characteristics up to provide dynamic and powerful messages that have provided hope, peace, and courage to millions of people through the past several decades. Billy Graham was not born a leader, but when he found his purpose, he became an unstoppable force that defines leadership. To be a good leader, one must exhibit certain traits, skills, and behaviors. Through traits like honesty, integrity, self confidence, motivation, and knowledge, Reverend Graham is able connect with huge groups of people who are searching for direction in their personal lives. Through careful research and studying, he has been able to compile knowledge and wisdom, and apply that in his sermons. He could grab the attention of thousands in a stadium with his communication skills. He is organized and has shown people how to live by example. To some, his style of preaching may seem tough, but he shares what he believes. He lays it all on the line, and it is up to the people to decide where to go next. The Reverend does not think of what he does as a responsibility or burden, but rather an opportunity to share what he is passionate about with others so that they can feel the same joy that he does.

As alluded to earlier, leaders must have certain traits to be successful and Billy Graham has just about every trait that defines a successful leader. Recently, the Reverend was interviewed by Dr. Thom Rainer who is the CEO of Lifeway Christian Resources. After the interview Dr. Rainer said, “The name of Billy Graham inevitably reminds us of integrity. His is a life that did not compromise morally. He has lead a life of incredible honesty. Leadership at any level cannot begin to function well unless the leader has integrity.”(Rainer 2009). Not only does Reverend Graham...
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