Pre-Marital Sex

Topics: Morality, Religion, Marriage Pages: 3 (1137 words) Published: October 19, 2011
Pre-marital sex tends to be quite a disturbing issue these days especially among teenagers. The education ministry believes that having sex education to be taught in schools would be a good awakening for students especially teenagers. In my opinion, having sex education being taught in school would not play a very big role in the students’ lives. It all depends on the individual itself. An individual or in this case teenagers should know and be able to analyze whether having sex before marriage is good or bad and is it morally right or wrong.

Is pre-marital sex morally acceptable? Having asked myself the question, I tried to think of it in the aspect of morality. To me pre-marital sex is not “morally” acceptable as marriage and morals are more towards religious concepts and from a religious perspective, pre-marital sex is definitely wrong. Marriage is a religious concept, although in many industrialized nations we have woven it into the fabric of our society and culture. Whether something is "morally" wrong is also a religious and/or cultural concept. Therefore, when I asked myself the question on whether "is premarital sex morally wrong?" I first asked myself whether "my" religion says it is right or wrong and, second, whether our society condones that particular action. Most religions say that premarital sex is morally wrong. This does not mean that it doesn't happen. Just that the religion says so, people should not do this and that does not mean that each and everyone is glued to it. Of course, in realizing this, there are many ways that such transgressions can be "forgiven" by the various churches. Society is a bit trickier. While surfing through the Internet for information, I got to know that over 80% of Americans say that premarital sex is "wrong" (the cultural equivalent of the church saying it is "immoral"). Unfortunately, over 80% of males and 60% of females have engaged in premarital sex. Whether we should decide if premarital sex is wrong or...
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