Pre-Activity Lichens

Topics: Fungus, Bacteria, Cell wall Pages: 2 (317 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Pre-Activity Assignment
LichensName Hannah Kitting

Read the ‘Lichens and Air Pollution’ scenario and related chapter in the textbook and then answer the following questions before class.

1. Fungal cells are different from animals cells in that they have

a. cell membranes.

b. cell membranes made of phospholipids.

c. cell walls made of chitin.

d. cell walls made of cellulose.

e. true membrane bound nuclei.

2. The symbiotic relationship between the organisms in a lichen would best be described as ____________ .

a. commensalistic

b. mutualistic

c. parasitic

d. saprophytic

e. paramutualistic

3. What two organisms comprise a lichen?

a. fungus and a bacterium

b. fungus and an alga or cyanobacterium

c. alga and a bacterium

d. alga and a vascular plant

e. fungus and a vascular plant

4. Lichens are very sensitive to __________ pollution.

a. air

b. thermal

c. soil

d. noise

5. In the next class meeting you will work in small collaborative groups to answer four question sets.

Each person in the group will act as the ‘facilitator’ for one question set, leading the group discussion, promoting input from each of the other students (who will be acting as discussants’) and formalizing the group response. In the role of a discussant, students provide their knowledge, experience and perspectives, compare and contrast the inputs of other members of the group and collaborate in the formulation of the group response. At the end of the activity, you may be called on to present your group’s answers to one of the question sets (not necessarily the one you were the facilitator for). You will act as both a facilitator and a discussant in the activity. Make sure you have critically analyzed the Lichens scenario and related chapter in the text book so that you are prepared to participate in all aspects of the group activity....
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