Nominal Group Technique

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Nominal Group Technique (NGT)
NGT is a structured method for brainstorming that encourages contributions from every member in the group.

When to use the NGT:
   

When some group members are much more vocal than others. When some group members think better in silence. When there is concern about some members not participating. To generate ideas from the group.

When the issue is controversial or there is heated conflict. To search for problem or solution.

NGT Procedures:
Step 1: Silent generation of ideas
  

State the topic or problem to be address, making sure that it is clear to everyone. Every member is given a set amount of time in which to write down as many ideas as possible. Group work is not allowed

Step 2: Recorded submission of ideas:
  

Each members then provides the ideas to the facilitator Ideas are not allowed to be discussed. The facilitator lists all the ideas on a flipchart.

Step 3: Brief discussion of ideas on the chart

Deletes duplication of ideas, and/or clarify meaning of any statements. Ideas may be changed if originator agrees, ideas may be removed by a unanimous vote.

NGT Procedures:
Step 4: Record Final list of statements on a flipchart
 A letter is used to identify each statement.

Step 5: Final vote
 Each participant is asked to rank, in order of priority, five

items on an index card

Step 8: Listing and agreement on the prioritised items
 Facilitator counts the votes and writes them on the flip chart

 Finals rankings are discussed.
 If necessary a second round of rankings can be done to

further reduce the responses.

NGT Example:

Why is the company's employee turnover rate higher than its competitors? A. Lower Pay B. Lack of Internal Promotions C. Hostile Work Environment D. Long Hours E. Lack of Effective Managers

Grading of members of the team:

B scores the highest as a possible reason

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