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  • Published: October 14, 2014
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Leadership has becomes a widely discussed topic as its great importance to the current society. The 21st century has saw many significant evolutions including globalisation, development of internet and expanding social demands, and such changes have posed greatest opportunities ever to leaders of entrepreneur(Darling & Beebe, 2007). As a result, it is vital to entrepreneur leaders to fulfill their role as leaders through highly effective leadership. The essay firstly discussed leadership types established by Darling and Leffel (2010). Then it analysed how Muccia Prada applied Director and Creator types of leadership to her career. Finally, it argued the mixture of these two types of leadership made her a highly effective leader.

Leadership is one of the key to the success of any organisations. According to (Redien-Collot, Poroli & Chasserio, 2013), leadership is the mechanism that people use to organise, guide and manage a team to accomplish a common goal. Therefore, leaders can be simply considered as the people who apply such mechanism to direct the team. The style of leadership, on the other hand, can be considered as the methods and attitudes leaders deployed when fulfilling their leadership role (Redien-Collot, Poroli & Chasserio, 2013). Darling and Leffel (2010) have defined four types of leadership based on the levels of assertiveness and responsiveness. Two types are focused in this essay are Director-type leadership, which represents high assertiveness and low responsiveness, and Creator-type leadership, which represents high assertiveness and high responsiveness (Darling & Leffel, 2010).

Being a leader with a Director leadership style is one of the key to the success of Miuccia Prada. According to Darling and Leffel (2010), a Director leadership is characterized as a leader that ranked high in assertiveness and low in emotional responsiveness. This type of leaders is clear about where they plan to drive the organisation to and how to chase...
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