Practical Science Report

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Practical Scientific Report

This investigation shows the heart rate response from the resting heart rate, to mild exercise, moderate exercise and finally back to the resting heart rate again.

Aim – This experiment involves two parties who partake in exercise and take each other’s heart rate responses several times at resting point and thereafter mild and moderate exercise. The aim is to check the difference in heart rate response from resting point and thereafter, physical activity.

Hypothesis – The outcome of this experiment showed an increase in heart rate when physical activity (exercise) was undertaken.

Apparatus – The equipment used in this experiment was a stop watch, clock, pen and paper to record results.

Method – In this experiment, subjects were paired up.

1 - Subject A had to take subject B’s heart rate at resting point (RHR). Subject A had to do this 3 times to get an average heart rate (to make it more accurate).

2 - After the resting heart rate was taken, subject B had to undertake mild exercise. The subject did this, by walking up and down the corridor approximately 4 times, for one minute. Once the minute was over, subject A took subject B’s pulse immediately and recorded the results.

3 - After the pulse was taken, subject B then undertook moderate exercise for another minute, and this was established by walking and then running up and down the college stairs.

4 - After one minute, subject A took subject B’s pulse for a minute and recorded results. Subject B sat down and after each minute, subject A took subject B’s pulse again. This was repeated three times after moderate exercise.

Below is a diagram of the results for subject B’s heart rate:

RHR| RHR| RHR| MILD| MODERATE| POST 1| POST 2| POST 3| 76| 80| 80| 100| 160| 112| 92| 88|

* Taking pulses throughout this experiment were done for 1 minute each time, so the subjects got the beats per minute (BPM).

Results –

Subject| RHR|...
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