Ppt on Targetting Segmentation and Positioning

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  • Published : September 11, 2012
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Fragmentation of mass markets  segments Consumers: variety of needs & preferences Marketers: offer variety of choices via multitude of marketing offerings Marketing segmentation: Needs  Action Linking market needs to an org’s marketing program Market needs  Segmentation/Targeting  MM A market segment: Group of consumers with homogenous profile & common needs  will similarly respond to a marketing program

Segmentation – targeting – positioning


Using market-product grids: see how Reebok use different Reebok shoes to reach segments of customers with different needs Single product  multiple market segments e.g. TIME magazine  multiple geographical mkts multiple products  multiple segments firm offers variations of the basic product to high-end and low-end users e.g. GAP  with Old Navy, Banana Republic segments of one  mass customization built to order

Segmentation – targeting – positioning


How to segment and target markets: 1. Group potential buyers into segments 2. Group products into categories 3. Develop a Market-Product Grid and estimate size of the market 4. Select target markets 5. Take marketing actions to reach target markets

Segmentation – targeting – positioning


Criteria used in defining segments: 1. profitability 2. similarity of needs of potential buyers within a segment 3. differences of needs and buyers across segments 4. potential of a marketing action to reach a segment 5. simplicity and cost of assigning potential to segments

Segmentation – targeting – positioning


BASES OF SEGMENTATION 1. geography – regional differences Burger King: spicy offerings in the SW 2. demographics – household size 3. psychographics – lifestyle 4. benefits sought – product features 5. usage pattern/patronage – usage rate 80-20 rule

Segmentation – targeting – positioning


Criteria for selecting target segments

1. market size – substantiability 2. expected growth...
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