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Topics: Marketing, Wheat, Pricing Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Internal factorsExternal factors | Strengths: 1. Quality recognition. 2. Leadership positions for flour milling and film exhibition divisions. 3. Strong free cash flow from flour milling operations. 4. Shrewd management with proven track record. 5. Strong financial position. 6. Online system. 7. Cost advantage. 8. Employer relations. 9. Brand recognition.| Weaknesses: 1. Earnings are subject to prices wheat. 2. Less margin profit of flour. 3. Process-oriented R&D. 4. Profit decreased due to the disposal of MALAYAN SUGAR MANUFACTURING COMPANY BERHAD (MSM). 5. Weak distribution channels. 6. Limited product depth.| Opportunities: 1. Riding on growing consumer demands. 2. Better economies of scale. 3. Market diversified 4. Technology enhancement. 5. Growing exports and export prices are not controlled by the government. 6. Barriers to new entrants.| S-O Strategies:S5O5: Develop or acquire a logistic medium to expand its export business.S5O1: Open more national outlets.S7O3: Enter new area of the food and beverage business.S6O4: Continual improvement on the online system.S3O6: Expand flour business.S1O4: Continual upgrading the technology to maintain product quality control. | W-O Strategies:W3O1: Improve the efficiency of R&D process to get product innovation.W4O3: Enter other industries to replace the sugar industries.W5O1: Speed up the distribution channels to make sure the products availability at all regions.W6O1: Create and innovate the sub-products.W2O5: Strengthen the export market.W2O3: Produce value-added products.| Threats: 1. Foreign exchange risks. 2. Technological changes. 3. Economic crisis. 4. Legal & regulations set by government. 5. Competition. 6. Higher prices for wheat.| S-T Strategies:S7T5: Price competition.S5T6: Develop or acquire a subsidiary in China to produce wheat.S7T5: Vertical integration strategy.S5T3: Implement pause strategy.S2T6: Long-term agreement with...
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