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The Computerized Enrollment System
Of Saint Francis College-Guihulngan
For Sy 2013-2014

Presented to
Engr. Dominic B. Vidal

In Partial fulfillment
Of the requirements in IT 205 (Software Engineering)
For the Degree of
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Joan Casagan
Sarah Jane Apatan
Shayne Ganaganag
Bart Ignacio

Executive summary

A. Table of contents
B. List of figures
C. List of tables
D. List of Notation

I. Introduction
A. Project Context
B. Purpose Description
C. Objectives
D. Scope and Limitation

II. Review of related literature/systems technical background

I. Introduction

This project, the College Computerized Enrollment System helps the students of Saint Francis College in storing student enrollees file or information faster and in more convenient way in a computer system .It will also lessen the effort of faculty staff in storing files of each students every now and then. An enrollment system also serves as an information especially for the irregular, transferee and professor so that they can easily access the course, subjects, professor and student enrollees. This project is designed for the student enrollees and the admin. All the information stored in the enrollment system can be viewed by both staff and students enrollees. The idea behind in the enrollment system is a not a new concept. Every year the number of students increases and it is hard to manage the enrollment procedure. This is one of the problems facing enrollment system. This will also be a big help to all the enrollment staff especially under the computer department because they are the one who are entitled to touch and read the information from here.   It will help our institution to have another system that will upgrade the enrollment processes so as to meet the quality that our institutions are trying to meet. Today the use of technology is an effective tool of improving such kind of enrollment system. The use of Database incorporated with the MS Access will help to improve the efficiency of Saint Francis College Enrollment System.

One of the vast changes that our world is adapting today is sophistication of our modern gadgets, devices, etc. Technology advancements, allows people to communicate and transfer information through the use of computers. They make our work easier, convenient and faster that leads us to discover and innovated new ideas. In this system, students will take part in making this system meet its main goal which is to help the school and encourage students to use computers in a more efficient and productive way. Many schools all over the country are using the automated enrollment system that made them successful in this field. As our society faces the new era, everyone is expected to be more vigilant, innovative and may require ingenuity. Students are responsible enough to handle and manage the automation of the said system. Our system deals with the school’s procedures in enrollment, how to make the enrolling process fast and how user-friendly our system is. Promoting awareness and accountability among the students will make this system successful and developed bringing it to its peak.

A. Project context
This information here can be viewed in just a second without worrying that a single file is lost.  The idea behind an enrollment system is not a new concept.   As student enrollees increase every year, enrollment procedure become harder to deal. This will only serve to increase the problem facing enrollment that provides more easy way in enrolling. Practically, we must avoid or reduce those dilemmas to keep the process going. Nowadays, everything seems to be modernized and sophisticated to imbibe with the advancement of technology. Our system will reduce this common problem and later on bring convenience among the students and as well...
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