Poverty and Lotteries

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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Timothy Ho
Argument Analysis Essay
Many people have been filled with hopes and dreams for the future. However, the fact is not greeted us with a smile. In essay “Against the odds, against the common good”, the author Gloria Jimenez debates issue of lotteries that are used to bait people around us. Furthermore, from the interface of this problem, she describes what problems we face nowadays then how come we are going to overcome this bad situation.

The author’s thesis is appeared strongly in the first paragraph and it explicitly reflects the effects of our society and government. “Thirty – nine states and Washington, D.C operates lotteries that the states probably will never get out of the lottery business.” (1). The author’s purpose is more described to the next sentences that “the states should not be in the business of urging people to gamble” (5). People live under control of the society and government but the significant issue is that they lead us to devious way instead of lead us safe and they right way.

The Author uses the example to look after her fences. From second paragraph, “Play today. Cash Tomorrow.”(8). The society and government do not let people are able to get away from the lure of the lotteries and make people to be simply under an illusion “Jackpot”. Also author shows us that other many states have slogan to encourage people to keep buying lotteries.

But, the author does not tell us only bias opinion of the lotteries. She explains that states run lotteries seem to be favored. “Funds are used for education or for other important services; if this source of funding disappears, the states will have to compensate by imposing taxes of one sort or another; lotteries create jobs.” (26). From here, I want to mention that the author tries to emphasize the problem of the society and the government that gives us bad effects then gives us solution for that. However, while I am reading her essay, I feel more emotional feeing from...
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