Lotteries Are a Positive Part of Society for Two Reasons

Topics: Lottery, Gambling, Numbers game Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Lotteries are different from any other gaming product. Lottery players gamble a small amount of money against very long chances to win a large prize, with the net proceeds going to the public good. The lotteries make the service in the country more successfully as creating move opportunity to have chance to get a job. Lotteries are a positive part of society for two reasons; they make the economy grow and help the society.

First, lotteries help the economy grow because the winner can buy houses and cars, create new jobs, and give business to where they bought the lottery ticket. For one thing, the winners will buy many cars and the winners will buy many houses in different places. For example, if someone is poor and suddenly wins the lottery, he will buy a lot of cars and he can buy more properties or land. In addition, when the winner buys a house somewhere, he will make the city that his house is in a good place. Next, when people buy lottery tickets and win, they can help create new jobs. For an example, when someone wins the lottery they can create more businesses, which will help create more jobs for people. In addition, if someone wins the lottery, they will have to pay more taxes that can be used for the common society, like making new roads, hospitals, and schools. Finally, the act of buying lottery tickets helps the business where the ticket was purchased. For example, when people buy the lottery ticket and win, they help the place they got the ticket from. Therefore, that place becomes popular, and more people buy tickets from that place because media will advertise about that place. In short, there are many ways buying a lottery ticket helps the economy grow by buying cars, buying lottery tickets, and creating new jobs. Second, lotteries help the society by helping people stay connected, helping poor people, and helping travelers. For one thing, the lottery helps people stay connected to each other or helps by having gatherings. For an example,...
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